What is a roof coating? What do they do? Do they really work? We'll address the questions in a moment but first lets go over some of the benefits over a roof replacement. 

  • Price Savings - Can be up to 40% savings over a traditional roof replacement. 

  • Less Tenant Disruption - Due to the nature of application, we can install a coating without disturbing the tenants or building owners. 

  • Energy Savings - Due to the UV reflectivity of product, a fully coated roof could change the inside by up to 10 degrees. 

  • 20 Year Warranties - Using products from GE and other major manufacturers, we can offer 5, 10, 15 and 20 year warranties.

  • Added Protection - Unlike a tear off and re-roof, a coating provides an ADDITIONAL layer of protection (this also prevents waste to the landfills) 

Seams for Leak Repair or Explaining Rest


Most roofs qualify for a roofing restoration based on the ability to coat most surfaces. We use an industry leading GE silicone for our restorations as GE is the leader and pioneer in the industry. Weather it's a metal roof, Mod-bit roof, PVS, or TPO roof it can most likely be coated. We started this company doing roof coatings in Houston Tx and we've seen a high success rate. They really do work. With that being said, the most important aspect of the installation is making sure the prep work is done correctly. Power washing and cleaning the surface, drying, using a fabric and liquid flashing around penetrations and seams. Lastly, using a primer if needed. The coating is then applied to a specific thickness due to whichever warranty is being offered. 


TPO Pros Roofing & Restorations has been coating roofs for years now. It's a segment within commercial roofing that is growing quickly. Industrial Roofs, Commercial roofs and office buildings can save additional money due to the UV reflectivity of a Restoration. 

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Pictured below: Residential Roof Restoration in Rice Village, Houston Texas. 

You can see a 3 step process:

  • Clean and prep surface to remove all oils and debris

  • Coat the seams and penetrations 

  • Install a Top Coat

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