ABOUT METAL ROOFS (and their tendency to leak)


TPO Pros Roofing and Restorations have vast experience in metal roofs. Metal roofs can be a great option as they've been know to last from 40 - 60 years. However, they too can have problems that can arise over time. While a costly metal roof replacement could be a potential answer, there are methods we can use to prevent your metal roof from continuing to leak or stop future leaks from happening. 

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More often than not, leaks on metal roofs come from either fasteners that have rusted through and need to be replaced or from installer errors. Usually, fasteners have been installed either too tight, or too lose. If the fastener is too tight the rubber gasket will break. If it's too loose, the gasket won't seal. Also, temperature changes can have an effect on metal roofs as well. As the metal expands and contracts, this can have an effect on the tightness on the fastener.

A thorough inspection can determine if the fasteners are salvageable or if they should be replaced.


Lastly, a roof coating is the complete way to ensure a much longer life out of your metal roof. Not only will your metal roof be starved of the elements needed for rust to form, it also creates an additional barrier of protection from the harmful elements such as UV and water. We will work closely with the you to understand your needs and  present with you multiple options regarding your project. 

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